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Life Coach Profile - Voni Dyson Hey there!  I'm Voni! I am a passionate creature who is all about transforming your dreams into your reality! This can happen through Holistic Life Coaching - I know, cause I did it! For me, coaching is about a journey.  It is understanding yourself at the core and learning to love the parts of you that you might try to hide or deny. I believe everyone has beauty and brilliance inside of them, and for whatever reason we can sometimes feel that our beauty or brilliance is hidden or unseen. My job, as a holistic life coach, is to help uncover your magic within - and believe me, it's there! When I embarked on my Holistic Life Coaching journey a few years ago and I would never have believed the way my life was going to change!  This coaching did so many things in so many areas in my life.  It helped me find my awareness, clarity, confidence and understanding just to name a few. I broke patterns and cycles, had new insight and outlooks, improved my communication, relationships and energy.  But the biggest gift of all that I received through this beautiful process, was me.  I can truely say that I know who I am, I understand me and I ROCK!!! I would love to give you the opportunity to realise how awesome you are too! Ask yourself this... If you were to design your life, what would it look like? Would you have more money? Would you have more confidence? Would you have more time? Would you have more excitement? What is it you would change? Only YOU know the answers to these questions.  All I know is how to get you there.  So let's get together and make this happen! Thanks Voni Mobile: 02102479200 Email: vonidyson@hotmail.co.nz
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