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Life Coach Profile - Robyn Vintiner Are you stressed by work or financial situations, in your relationships, about your health or your balance upset in some way?  Does this cause you to forget things & struggle to concentrate?  Are you moody & irritable, feeling overwhelmed or low in energy?  Are you aware of your heart beating faster than it should, digestive upsets, have frequent colds or loss of sex drive?  Are you eating more or less than usual, sleeping patterns disrupted, procrastinating or using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to relax?  Stress can cause any one of this list of changes.  You may have been to see the doctor about anxiety or depression & tests have not revealed a medical problem so what do you do now. I can help you learn to cope & unearth the confident, life loving, successful person you can be, with values about what you have to offer.  I will help you learn how to rely on & believe in your unlimited potential & power.  We all have an innate knowing that we have something to offer the world.  Let me help you develop that & forge forward when the ‘old you’ would rather give up & turn back when the stresses get too much. I chose to become a Life Coach Associates trained coach knowing that the whole person, including the spiritual is considered.  I was grateful to explore my own needs within the training which has given me a deep understanding of how best to help my clients & this is what I am passionate about.  I love empowering people to become aware of & how to achieve their dreams, to see the changes in people as they move towards their goals.  As a holistic coach, I guide, challenge & walk alongside my clients, as I help to keep them accountable to make the changes they say they want. As a teenager I enjoyed sport & music.  I chose physiotherapy as my career, so was able to focus on the physical aspects of wellness & love the interaction with people.  I added acupuncture to the mix & specialised in the holistic style that the traditional Chinese therapists use.  I also have an interest in the natural dietary needs that support good health.  Counselling & listening to clients has been part of what I have done all my career, so it was great to put that more on a ‘formal’ footing when training on the Life Coach Associates Diploma course.   Because of my desire to help more people I recently undertook the training to teach those who want to become coaches within the Life Coach Associates model. I am available to have one on one or group sessions, run workshops & present at conferences.  If you want to take the next step contact me for a free no obligation 30 minute introductory session.  My motto is, “Youth & Vitality at Any Age.”  It is never too late to make transformational changes! Phone: (03) 456 2246 Email: robyn@rejuvenatelife.co.nz Web: www.rejuvenatelife.co.nz 
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