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Testimonials Individual Coaching "Relief. Clarity. Movement.  I've been in 3 years of continual change and feeling uprooted and unable to find my footing.  After talking with a coach at Life Coach Associates 3 times I was able to identify what was going on, make steps to move forward and most importantly felt validated and heard in my journey. I highly recommend Life Coach Associates to anyone who just needs to make sense of their current spot in life or vocation.  I believe it will fast track you to the movement you are longing for in your own life instead of spending years attempting to sort through it by yourself. Just do it.  You won't be disappointed!"   Dana Ackland “Clem has helped me to transform my life within a few weeks of our first session.  I am now feeling much more energised in every area of my life and have consequently achieved aims that have evaded me for years. Under Clem's guidance I have increased my confidence and self-discipline and gathered momentum and skills that will enable me to grow and tackle any challenges that the future may throw at me.”   Dominic Life Coach Training “I sought the services of a Life Coach after struggling with feelings of lack of success, not fulfilling my potential and being unable to stay on task in my work environment.  I found myself easily distracted by negative influences which were causing problems with home life and my career. I found the coach to be sensitive, insightful and encouraging, his weekly reports of our sessions have been instrumental in my dedication to transformation and often a reminder of the progress I have made.  He was able to de-construct the problem areas I felt I had, and lead me on a journey of personal discovery. I am 50 years old and had struggled with these emotions for half of my life, the time had come for change so I would imagine that he found me to be a willing and dedicated client.  However I could not have made the personal discoveries without his guidance.”   John McBeath "The way the course is designed ensures that the foundations are laid to enable the Coach to support and challenge clients.  This is due to the deeply personal and experiential journey the course takes you through.  This would be the most life-changing experience I have ever had and has enabled me to live my passion and be the best Life Coach I can possible be.  Life Coach Associates Owners/Facilitators are second to none, their collective knowledge and experience are amazing!"   Marianne Kinley, Corporate Change Consultant "I would recommend this course to anyone who is absolutely serious about creating a happier and more fulfilling life for themselves.  This is like no other Personal Development course - what an awesome experience, I now see my life in a totally new light."   Shelley Goldie "At last, a course that helped me make real and lasting changes."   Janice B, Self employed business woman "I was able to enhance my self belief and apply the learning to my personal life as well as my career opportunities."   Sharon Lavery, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor "The course raised my self awareness, helped me to be less reactive, decreased the stress in my life while giving me clarity and direction for my future."   Sharon Lambert, Team Leader "Challenging, life changing and a brilliant course."   Tony Neale, Single Parent "This course allowed me to be clear on my passion, to empower people to live from the truth of who they are rather than from their negative thoughts and feelings.  This can be achieved by working as a Life Coach."   Robyn Newton, Physiotherapist "I was given a wonderful book back in 2004 written by Clem McGarth and Bill Walmsley.  I wasn't going to read the book, but felt I had to, as a very dear lady brought it to me, and said it would really help.  Little did i know how much the information contained in this book would change my life.  I had some very difficult decisions to make, like letting go of a 10 year marriage that wasn't serving me at all.  Also i had piled on so much weight as a result of this un- happiness. I was inspired by this book so much so that I made some major changes in my life.  I decided to leave my comfort zone, and start a new journey alone.  With this new energy I went on to lose a lot more weight total so far 4 and a half stone.” "I was invited to go along to a Life Coach course, but was leaving New Zealand to head on home to Cardiff UK in March 2005.  I decided to do the first 2 modules, but no one told me that after just 5 days on this course my life would change even more so.  I knew I had to cancel my flights and see this course to the end.  This is the most amazing experience, and I cannot express into words how privileged I feel that I was able to follow this wonderful direction.  I would like to thank LCA for this enlightenment, and for sharing this wonderful journey with me.  I look forward to sharing this wonderful gift with others who were just stuck like me, in a world of unanswered questions.  I wish you both all the very best in the future, keep up this wonderful work."   Yvonne Knowles Corporate Training "The training was fantastic! I came away with some brilliant new skills that will add real value to our business from a holistic and very personal level.  The facilitation was professional and engaging – absolutely priceless!"   Marianne Kinley, Corporate Change Consultant
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