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Life Coach Profile - Martyn Terry I have been consumed by coaching since August 2008, gaining my diploma from Life Coach Associates as a Holistic Life Coach in 2010. Originally from the UK, I was amazed that, having travelled to the other side of the world, the ideal course to aid fulfill my ambition was right on my doorstep and available in Christchurch.  The journey has been very rewarding, covering most emotions at one time or another.  And paths have been crossed with many, many incredible people – real people that give you heart and a returned faith in human nature. Holistic Life Coaching is, for me, about balance, about realisation, about change, about connection and about the chance for inner peace through contentment and fulfilment with YOU.  Be warned though, once the first step has been taken there is no going back, and the overwhelming feeling you are left with is that it is very much about the journey and not the destination that makes it so special. It is about living from within and being true to who you really are and projecting that TO the outside world rather than being projected to BY the outside world.  The more you listen to your inner voice the louder it grows. It’s an ‘in to out’ magnificence rather than an ‘out to in’ endurance. I have recently launched Life and Soul with my wife, psychic medium; Alice Terry and I also operate from Durham Health Centre, Rangiora, as well as from my home in Cust, North Canterbury. Mobile: 021 266 6497 Email: materry7@yahoo.co.nz Web: www.lifeandsoul.co.nz
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