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Relationship Coaching Description This comprehensive coaching programme works with all three elements that are involved in relationship issues: each of the individuals plus the relationship itself. It supports you as an  individual to become more aware of your personal process within the relationship as well as exploring strategies that will improve important areas such as communication, intimacy, decision making, shared interests, and any specific areas of conflict. Like all our coaching it is interactive, practical and experiential. It is led by you and will continually focus on creating real solutions to any issues you may be facing in your relationship. Objectives Relationships can be easy, productive, fun and fulfilling. They can sizzle and sparkle so we will work with you to achieve clear objectives that exist at both the individual and the relationship level: Individual level Understand your relationship conditioning and its influence. Grow your levels of self-love and self-worth. Dissolve any stress you feel in the relationship. Become truly authentic in your relationship. Deal with emotions effectively and creatively. Relationship level Apply four powerful keys to transform communication. Identify new perspectives on any difficult issues. Move beyond conflict to cooperation. Learn strategies to get needs met. Create a shared vision for the future of the relationship. Benefits Many clients report that in addition to the above outcomes they also enjoy the following: Deeper feeling of relaxation. Greater ability to let go and be present. Excitement about the future. A more open heart. Renewed feeling of strength and resilience. Tools they can use effectively in other areas of their life Structure The coaching will be most powerful and effective if it is conducted at the individual and joint levels.  Therefore we recommend the following structure: 1. An initial joint session 2. Two individual sessions for each 3. A second joint session 4. Two individual sessions each This sequence can be repeated as many times as necessary. Investment and further information Contact us for a range of options that are available and any further information you require. Sessions are priced at $100.00 per hour (payment plans available on request.) Testimonials The coaching that my husband and I received from Life Coach Associates has literally saved our relationship. We were caught in a very stressful cycle of conflict and arguing and couldn’t seem to break out of it no matter what we tried. The coach skilfully brought our attention to the automatic patterns we were each playing out and projecting on to the other. He then taught us techniques that we could use to change the patterns throughout the whole relationship. Even though it sometimes felt hard and scary the results have been so worth it. We now enjoy the kind of relationship we could only dream of before we did the coaching. Thank you Life Coach Associates. Monica and Peter. My partner and I received relationship coaching at a time we were struggling to get along and to effectively parent our daughter who was seven at the time. This really helped us to see things from each other’s point of view and gain clarity about more constructive ways to have a relationship and parent. Today we are a happy family who regularly use the tools learned to keep the balance. I can’t recommend this coaching highly enough to assist you in creating peace and balance within relationships if this is what you are seeking. Dairne Kirton. Investment and further information Contact us for investment options and additional information.
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