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Life Coach Profile - Stuart McIntyre I am a holistic life coach working from home in Mangere Bridge.  I started coaching so that I could assist people discover their full potential and live their lives in a powerful and effective way.  I have a diploma in life coaching and in addition to being an Affiliate of Life Coach Associates,  I am a foundation member of the International Guild of Coaches (IGC).  My personal vision for life is 'living the dream in the moment'.  I am married to Jan and we have several pets at home; two dogs (Zoë & Jack) and two cats (Abishah & Ariel). One of my big interests is playing music and I am the bass player in the band called The DeSotos.  I also play in an acoustic duo called Acoustica.  In addition to playing in the band, I am also very interested in home studio recording, which gives me the option to record an idea for a new song and create a simple demo. During my working life, I have been involved with tourism in the tour coach area and spent some time in the corporate sector also. My commitment to you, the potential client, is to work with you and help you discover your true passion for life. Contact details: Webpage: www.smlc.co.nz Email: stuart@smlc.co.nz Mobile: 0274 432111 Home: (09) 634 7600
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