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Life Coaching  -  Life - Career - Relationships - Business Course Outline This intensive programme encourages you to create the life you choose. It is based on the principle of building a relationship with you to explore issues, such as Relationships, Career Direction, Financial, Well-being and any Life Transition. Together, with our experienced New Zealand life coaches, I’d like you to explore dynamics that affect you and encourage you to take charge of your mind and start directing your life in ways you choose. We engage self- awareness and individual responsibility to enable you to take control of your life. Suitable for anyone, especially those who wish to make changes and create a more fulfilling life. Key objectives Develop clarity of your dreams, passion and purpose for your life. Provide clarity of perspective for your whole life. Improve communication. Enhance relationships. Raise your self-esteem. Enable you to let go of the past. Create understanding of your core beliefs and repeating patterns. Coaching structure A range of options are available to suit you however two of our most popular options are: Option 1 One-off, one-hour, one-on-one coaching session. Option 2 A 6-step coaching programme comprising of 6 one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions. Usually over 6 weeks but this is negotiable to suit you. Investment and further information Contact us for investment options and further information. Testimonials "Relief. Clarity. Movement.  I've been in 3 years of continual change and feeling uprooted and unable to find my footing.  After talking with a coach at Life Coach Associates 3 times I was able to identify what was going on, make steps to move forward and most importantly felt validated and heard in my journey. I highly recommend Life Coach Associates to anyone who just needs to make sense of their current spot in life or vocation.  I believe it will fast track you to the movement you are longing for in your own life instead of spending years attempting to sort through it by yourself. Just do it.  You won't be disappointed!"   Dana Ackland “Clem has helped me to transform my life within a few weeks of our first session.  I am now feeling much more energised in every area of my life and have consequently achieved aims that have evaded me for years. Under Clem's guidance I have increased my confidence and self-discipline and gathered momentum and skills that will enable me to grow and tackle any challenges that the future may throw at me.”   Dominic Additional testimonials.
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