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Life Coach Profile  - Dairne Kirton Life's Abilities  - Is about empowering and assisting individuals, employers and the corporate sector to self awareness and brilliance, and achieving the best out of talented people with wide-ranging abilities and getting the most out of life! I am able to assist you with self awareness as to why you maybe unable to achieve your dreams, goals and desires. I will provide tools, challenges and accountability to empower you to move forward to live the life you dream. My passion is my commitment to self growth, improvement and application of coaching principles. "You can only take a person as far as you have grown yourself" Call me now for an obligation-free discussion, free of charge about how I can help you tap into your BRILLIANCE and support you create positive change that is enduring. “We are all meant to shine” Dairne Kirton Life Abilities Phone: (09) 443 7402 Mobile: 021 443 642 Email: dairne@lifesabilities.co.nz Web: www.lifesabilities.co.nz 
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