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Life Coach Profile  - Jay Lincoln Personal Philosophy When we are born we are given an Identity. As life evolves we are exposed to different experiences and have certain limitations placed upon us. For one to live life to their full potential and help overcome obstacles and fears, we must learn to know ourselves first which will create freedom from within. I use the analogy of a high performance car: The mechanic must know the motor inside and out to achieve maximum life and performance. Work Experiences 15 years in Manufacturing and Retail within the Food Industry. 10 years Self Employed - Food Ingredients, Property Development, Personal Development. Interests Surf Lifesaving (competing and patrolling) Swimming (compete open sea swimming) Rugby Travelling Reading Ironman (compete half and full) Fishing Relaxing Quotes     "Change is Opportunity"     "Opportunity leads to Different Paths"     "Different Paths lead to Rich and Full Lives"     "Unlock your Full Potential and walk the Path of Least Resistance." Freedom To Choose Phone:  0800 425 477 Mobile: 021 997 978 Email: info@freedomtochoose.org.nz Web: www.freedomtochoose.org.nz
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