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What is Holistic Coaching? Holistic Coaching is an empowering relationship that enables you to create real sustainable change in yourself and your life.  Using an holistic awareness-based approach your coach will help you identify opportunities and options that will bring greater purpose, clarity and satisfaction. An LCA coach will support you in an in-depth exploration of the following 4 elements: The present: Understand your current status quo and how you got here The future: Create a vision that fulfils you and your potential Barriers: Resolve the issues and patterns that stop you Action: Develop a plan that will take you forward The Process The actual coaching is a dynamic interactive experience that is led by you.  It is very practical in that it gives you simple effective tools that help you address the elements mentioned above. We do not give advice.  You have all your own answers inside you and the coach's job is simply to help you identify them, and then make them relevant and workable for you. . You meet with your coach on a regular basis and he or she will support you to stay clear with your intent and to step into a greater sense of what is possible.  As you progress through the program you get the chance to test out and integrate the changes that will take you towards your vision and your dream. Objectives The overall objectives of the coaching can be summarised in the following points: Understand your present situation, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities Get a clear perspective on your whole life Cultivate a realistic vision that will fulfil you and your potential Enable you to let go of the past Change core beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you Create a plan of action to take you forward Benefits Clients of LCA coaches regularly report the following benefits from their coaching: Greater self awareness More clarity about their future and relevant options Increased self confidence Improved relationships, both personal and professional Greater ability to deal with stress Release from repeating sabotage patterns More energy, purpose and enthusiasm for life Better communication in all areas A practical plan for moving forward. Life Coach Associates Coaches All LCA coaches are thoroughly trained in a two year comprehensive course that guarantees a high level of professional expertise and integrity.  Through that programme they have been challenged to undertake their own journey of transformational change while they have also learned the skills to guide others on the same journey. When you engage an LCA coach you can confidently expect the following: A focused professional service Someone of high integrity who abides by our Professional Code of Ethics A supportive environment where you can explore change easily and safely Someone who will fully believe in your potential to create the life you want Real practical tools that will meet your needs for growth and change An introduction to the enduring principles of success and happiness A committed passionate individual who will be there for you as you need it.
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