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Life Coach Profile - Heather Fletcher Heather is passionate about inspiring people to awaken to their own authenticity and personal power. She specialises in coaching people to experience joy and transform their energy because life unfolds quite differently for a fully alive, joyful person compared with one who is heavy, low energy and unhappy. Joy is the basis for success in all areas of life, and Heather knows this from personal experience. She knows it is possible for anyone, no matter what their life situation, to find joy. She has faced many challenges including a dysfunctional childhood which lead her to grow up believing that she was stupid, ugly and worthless. Divorce and the loss of her dream home offered yet more challenges. Heather says that all her life experiences have given her huge strength and an understanding and empathy for others. Significant achievements include uncovering and healing the many fears and unconscious beliefs that were running her life, and learning to love, know and be her authentic self. Heather graduated as a Massey Scholar with a BA in psychology at age 51 and then discovered holistic life coaching through a wonderful series of seemingly random events. Heather’s values and core strengths include integrity, honesty, loyalty; and passion, enthusiasm, faith in Life, and a singing heart. She loves yoga, the beach, cycling, public speaking, self-development and helping people expand their awareness. A safe, supportive space is provided for you to explore your options, gain clarity, find new perspectives, feel good about yourself, be inspired, calm your mind and grow a happy heart. Heather Fletcher, Holistic Life Coach and Facilitator. Click below if you want a more joyful and inspired life. Email: heather@makeyourheartsing.co.nz Web: www.makeyourheartsing.co.nz   
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