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Executive Coaching As an executive you are the custodian of the spirit, integrity and success of the company and have to balance many responsibilities. Not only must you ensure the effective operation of all aspects of the company, but you hold the larger vision and purpose that unites everyone involved. Through executive coaching you grow your core role competencies and therefore maintain your inspiration, become a greater leader, and continue to fulfill your own personal potential. Course Description:   This is an individualised coaching programme that is specific to executives and those in management positions.  It can cover any or all of the issues that are relevant to individual coaching, but the emphasis is on the particular role and position occupied. Executives regularly identify certain topics as being relevant for this coaching, such as communication, staff management, work / life balance, leadership and sustaining their inspiration and vision.   Course Objectives:   Along with the generic objectives of raising awareness and learning to create the life they want there are a number of specific objectives that we help executives to achieve: Maintain performance to a standard consistent with the role Identify how to fulfil their leadership potential Manage work stress and maintain work / life balance Find meaning and purpose after they have reached the top Understand and apply effective communication strategies   Course Benefits:   Many clients have reported that, along with achieving the above objectives they are enjoying a whole range of benefits that include: Better communication across all areas of life Enhanced relationships Greater sense of openness to people and opportunities Deeper feeling of well-being More energy The ability to create a more harmonious productive environment Rediscovery of their enthusiasm for the role.   Course Structure:   A number of options are available depending on the person and their need. The simplest is a one-off casual session as required. We usually recommend a program of sessions, with three options available:       -  A six session program on a weekly / fortnightly basis       -  A 10 week programme on a weekly / fortnightly basis       -  A year long program made up of 12 sessions, once per month Investment and further information: Contact us for investment options and additional information.
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