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Individual Coaching Business services
Communication and Team Development The greatest resource of every business is its people, and at Life Coach Associates we know people.  The coaching skill and understanding we bring to your business will ensure you can create an environment where your staff will thrive and your business can grow. Our high impact seminars, integrated with individualised coaching, create growth and change that is real, measurable and sustainable.
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"This would be the most powerful training I have experienced. It has enabled me to be so much more effective in my work as a supervisor and has transformed our team. Life Coach Associates' facilitators are second to none."  - Margaret, Supervisor and Team Consultant. "At last a course that helped me make real and lasting change."  - Janice B., self employed business woman. "This training course has set the benchmark for all future training we will do in our organisation."  - Wayne Clement, Operations Manager, PMP Print. 
The Investment
Seminars: $275.00 per person per day Coaching: $150.00 per session Alternative: We can work within the boundaries of a specific budget and deliver a program accordingly.
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