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Coming Home                            A Day of Mindfulness and Heartfulness                                                with Clement McGrath Take the opportunity to dive deep into the inner well of your Being. On this day of meditation and connection you will be guided to a place of open clear awareness where you can touch the Light of the Soul, and come home to your Awakened Heart. You will find there a Presence that is your eternal companion and stands ready to renew and restore you.  This Presence is untouched by the circumstances and conditions of your life, and contains unlimited potential to heal and uplift you.  Rather than attacking your challenges you can allow this greater consciousness to dissolve them, and reveal the perfect wholeness that is already there. Come Home to You and Be Restored Practice mindfulness strategies for becoming more conscious. Gain new perspectives on you and your life. Dive deep into the silence, peace and stillness of the Soul. Open your heart to greater self love and acceptance. Use the breath for healing and self renewal. Awaken to a life of greater purpose and intention. Align the Divided Mind with the Unified Heart Facilitator:  Clement’s purpose is to help you move beyond the perceptions and patterns that cause separation so you can experience the peace, joy and full aliveness of your true eternal nature.  His profile can be read at www.lifecoachassociates.co.nz. Venue:   The boardroom, Beckenham Service Centre, 66 Colombo Street,                  Beckenham. Time:      Saturday, 13th June, 9.30am - 4.30pm. Investment:  $85.00 or $75.00 each for couples. Limited to 15 participants Reserve your place now for this great opportunity. Call Clement: Ph: 03 355 2297  or  027 2033 694  Email: clem@lifecoachassociates.co.nz
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