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Career Coaching Course Description   This is an ideal coaching programme for those who wish to start a new career, or need to explore some career transition.  Being holistic we work with your whole life and awareness, as well as supporting you to develop the strategies and goals that will take you forward.  Our intent is to coach people into careers that they are passionate about and that help them to fulfil their talents and abilities.  We boldly state that your ideal job does exist as long as you are prepared to expand your thinking on the options open to you   Objectives   There are a number of clear objectives that we always endeavour to achieve for you and in partnership with you:   - Develop a clear practical vision for your career or professional life   - Identify the internal and external barriers that may stand in the way   - Expand the range of options you are currently exploring   - Increase your awareness of your own potential   - Create a strategy and a plan that bear results   Benefits   Many clients have reported that, along with achieving the above objectives they are enjoying a whole range of benefits that include: Greater appreciation of their experience and natural talents Clearer focus and commitment to the process Increased confidence and self belief Deeper feeling of well-being Enhanced ability to handle interviews Getting a job   Structure   A number of options are available depending on the person and their need. The simplest is a one-off casual session as required.  We usually recommend a program of sessions, with two options available: 1. A six session program on a weekly / fortnightly basis 2. A 10 week programme on a weekly / fortnightly basis Investment and further information Contact us for investment options and additional information. Testimonial    “I sought the services of a Life Coach after struggling with feelings of lack of success, not fulfilling my potential and being unable to stay on task in my work environment.  I found myself easily distracted by negative influences which were causing problems with home life and my career. I found the coach to be sensitive, insightful and encouraging, his weekly reports of our sessions have been instrumental in my dedication to transformation and often a reminder of the progress I have made.  He was able to de-construct the problem areas I felt I had, and lead me on a journey of personal discovery. I am 50 years old and had struggled with these emotions for half of my life, the time had come for change so I would imagine that he found me to be a willing and dedicated client.  However I could not have made the personal discoveries without his guidance.”   John McBeath Additional testimonials.
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