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Company Profile Life Coach Associates (LCA) is New Zealand’s original life coach training provider. It was established in Christchurch in 2001 and since then has expanded its presence to all the main centres. The head office is in Christchurch and is run by Clement McGrath, one of the original three founding members. For the past decade our core business has been the Diploma of Holistic Coaching, which has become recognised as one of the most complete, in-depth and transformational training courses available anywhere. We have trained life coaches throughout New Zealand, and we are thrilled that so many lives have been transformed by the first class coaching work of our graduates. These come from every walk of life, and are committed to helping you live an extraordinary life in your own unique way. LCA is proud to include in its ranks a number of highly skilled facilitators who contribute their own energy, wisdom and inspiration to its training courses. We have also developed a range of dynamic effective programmes that have been presented to businesses, organisations and government departments, as shown in the chart below.  These have included team development, leadership training, effective communication, change management, crisis intervention, and creating a vibrant organisational culture. You can read the outline of some of these programmes on the Business Services page. All our programmes blend the best knowledge available on the subject with powerful holistic coaching strategies that have been developed over the years. Our Vision Our vision is to help create vibrant healthy inspired communities by empowering individuals to live extraordinary lives. You have unlimited potential for success achievement and fulfilment and LCA is dedicated to being your best choice for helping you realise whatever dream is in your heart.   Our Values We guarantee to conduct all our work according to the following values to the best of our ability: Integrity. Respect for others. Commitment to your needs. Openness and transparency in our dealings. Complete professionalism. Dedication to excellence. Commitment to an authentic spiritually based life. Along with our core work of Life Coach Training the following table lists some of the organisations we have worked with.: Professional Code of Ethics The Professional Code of Ethics of Life Coach Associates (LCA) broadly defines the conduct that all staff, students, graduates, affiliates and members of Life Coach Associates are expected to abide by. It also articulates the core principles and values of LCA and provides a guide for responsible practice. Central to these ethics are the principles of: Integrity Trust Respect All concerned therefore agree to: Conduct themselves in all their dealings in a manner consistent with recognised values of personal and professional integrity. Represent themselves honestly with regard to qualifications and level of training achieved. Abide by the Privacy Act (1993) by never divulging client information without their permission. Treat all clients and business contacts with due courteousness and professional respect. Maintain appropriate sexual boundaries. Never solicit or enter into any type of intimate relationship with a client while the coaching relationship is in place. Refrain from promising results or outcomes that cannot be demonstrated within the legitimate bounds of their coaching work. Avoid coaching minors or those of impaired intellectual ability without the express permission of parents or appropriate guardians. Refrain from offering any professional information that has not been verified or that breaches the rights of others; e.g. confidentiality. Avoid conflicts of interest as much as possible, but if such conflicts do arise refer the matter immediately to Life Coach Associates head office. Notify Life Coach Associates of any situations that may lead to litigation, conflict or adverse publicity. Respect other practitioners' right to practise and their right to a viable client base. Refer to other coaching methods and related professions with the respect that they deserve. Agree to have their work monitored if there are any serious concerns raised about their professionalism or level of expertise. Enter into commercial relationships that are fair, legal and respect the rights and integrity of all concerned. Ensure that all advertising or promotional material is honest and does not make false or deliberately misleading statements. Abide by the laws of the land concerning all issues of copyright, intellectual property, trademarks and commercial contracts and agreements.
Organisation Scope of Work
OMV - oil and gas exploration Team development seminars and coaching to improve cohesion, communication harmony and productivity within the team.
A Crown Entity Seminars and individual coaching to support staff through an imposed merger with another crown entity.
Foodstuffs - South Island Training needs analysis for the IT department.
Department of Work and Income - Canterbury One-on-one coaching with long term, high-risk clients to achieve work readiness. Operating from five W.I.N.Z sites.
Department of Work and Income - Southern Region One-on-one coaching with D.P.B parents to increase social responsibility, explore work options and strengthen families. Oamaru site.
Salvation Army Bridge Programme (Drug & Alcohol rehabilitation) - Christchurch Turning point pilot programme. Seminar and coaching programme to explore post recovery career development.
PMP Print - Christchurch Leadership training programme and coaching for team supervisors.
Healthlink South Communication training to assist senior nurses to develop effective communication through all levels of the Heath Department system.
Mico-Wakefield - Plumbing Merchants Change Management programme to assist staff with the integration of two businesses into one company.
Ministry of Education Emergency coaching intervention for two area high schools in a staff crisis situation.
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